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The Way Forward – when the body fails to function consult an Osteomyologist

The Association’s concepts are, like our logo, different Practitioners – starting from all directions, meeting together, with one ideal in mind – interchanging of treatment modalities to create totally new techniques and The Ultimate Therapist / When Your Body Fails To Function.

Self Regulatory Association its Rules


At the outset of the health profession being regulated, due mainly to the horror stories of Dr Shipman, the differing professions were either to be statutory registered or self regulatory. The Association of Osteomyology decided to tread the path of a self regulatory body.

As we had many detractors in the beginning, we had to prove that we were as good if not better than the statutory groups controlled by the governing bodies ( eg; the Govt.) At the beginning we stressed to all our members that they could not call themselves Osteopaths or Chiropractors,or in fact any other title, as they were OSTEOMYOLOGISTS.


 We wrote this into our Code Of Practice And Ethics, which is also one of the requirements of statutory bodies.

The code of practice and ethics enables the patient or member of the public to have an answerable come back in the unlikely event that they have experienced one or more problems with a practice or it’s practitioners.

We also only accepted members, that already held professionally gained Qualifications.

Our members were instructed that they had to hold, full, quality, insurance which we check each year along with their commitment to CPD  ( Continuing Professional Development ).

This was instituted long before the regulatory bodies had brought in this rule for their members.

Then into our program we introduced a totally new concept over and above any other body.

Our idea was to check all our members were Clinically Competent, we therefore introduced a re-validation program which we call C.C.C. or Complete Clinical Competence.

This is a carefully designed program which is MANDATORY for ALL our members, and entails them taking part in NINE modules.

MRI & X Rays – Emergency Procedures – Rapid Orthopaedics – Rapid Neurology – Specific Chest Examination – Specific Abdomen Examination – Defensive Note Taking – Signs and Symptoms – Case Studies and Diagnosis.

The statutory bodies in their infinite wisdom have still not reached a conclusion along these lines, mainly due to the fact that their members do not want to be re- tested.

This we feel is one of the most important aspects of a well regulated governing body.


After a few years had passed we were asked if we would like to join another Govt set up Quango.  A register of non statutory bodies.

Myself and our registrar attended all the meetings and could quickly ascertain the direction that this was following, it all boiled down to a register of groups that were not Statutory but still had the same constrictions and tunnel vision.

Being a democracy however we have to follow the rules of democratic decision making, this  requires us to ask ALL of our members whether they would like to join the new register or not.

With this in mind we sent every member the new bodies rules and regulations and asked them if they would like to be a part of this or not.

The results astounded even our scepticism. Overwhelmingly the decision was to not join as we were making our own mark as Osteomyologists in a very competitive field of Manual Physical Medicine.

The vote of the entire membership was under a third for, and the rest against, therefore in deference to our members we had to refuse.

The fee’s also requested by the new register were, we considered, extortionate and if you didn’t succeed in gaining entry you forfeited the fee, and had to pay the same fee every time you applied.

At an economically disastrous time in all of our histories, this was not a proposition for us to consider for our members. Each member would have to shoulder the burden of these extra charges.

Therefore to summaries we are NOT unregulated, in fact we have in place some of the countries outstanding lecturers, and a regulatory body that entails committees for malpractice problems, ethical problems,and anything arising to do with our procedures or practitioners, these committee’s are made up from the membership of professionally qualified practitioners, and lay members.

If any other group or organisation wishes to enquire, we are not only Very Well Regulated, but have in place vehicles that the statutory bodies do not.


Chairman honored with knighthood





(Our Declaration)

The Association of Osteomyologists has once more entered the fray as the group to lead all others.

Not since we aided the Parliamentary Judicial Review have we been so positive and controversial, all in the cause of public safety.

Our new policy for re-validation (re-certify/endorse) leaves all other Governing bodys out in the cold. The Government says all Health Professionals should re-validate by 2012 or thereabouts.

The Governing bodys for Doctors, Midwives, Dentists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, etc. etc. are dithering around and have been now since the publication of the Shipman Report.