(Our Declaration)

The Association of Osteomyologists has once more entered the fray as the group to lead all others.

Not since we aided the Parliamentary Judicial Review have we been so positive and controversial, all in the cause of public safety.

Our new policy for re-validation (re-certify/endorse) leaves all other Governing bodys out in the cold. The Government says all Health Professionals should re-validate by 2012 or thereabouts.

The Governing bodys for Doctors, Midwives, Dentists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, etc. etc. are dithering around and have been now since the publication of the Shipman Report.

Not one of them has come up with the policy of “if the health professional has to be revalidated then lets do just that – test and revalidate each and every Practitioner“.

“No, the membership of all these August bodys would not stand for this” to be retested, revalidated after our original College and University Degrees – “No Way!! Lets invent other ways, maybe a questionaire or a ‘tick these boxes’ type of approach will suffice – it has before!!!”

The Association of Osteomyologists however, has decided, along with its Health Professional members to give the much endangered public a reason for confidence and trust in its members, in the future the name OSTEOMYOLOGIST will be synonomus with care, safety and a guarantee of a healthy future.

Our members are such professionals that they wear with pride the fact they have been tried and tested and to have been found safe and especially fully competent to fulfill their Health Professional criteria/program.

Our Director of Clinical Education has devised a Total Revalidation Course – “COMPLETE CLINICAL COMPETENCE” which runs throughout the year covering all clinical skills.

The Associations aim is to have all of its Health Professionals complete the eight modules by Dec 2012.

Remember – Treatment with an Osteomyologist means safety, care, and the reassurance that the Health Professional who has treated you has, out of pride, had his ability confirmed and validated.