Dr A.J.W Clemens

Dr A.J.W Clemens BA. MSc. Phd. DO developed Osteomyology back in 1992 after being requested to bring some semblance of order to an otherwise badly trained practitioner group in East Anglia.

Dr Clemens had trained in various Japanese reviving techniques (Kappo) and had also been involved in practicing different types of manual bodywork since 1964. He trained and graduated in Osteopathy and opened a thriving practice. After many conferences and seminars he quickly came to the conclusion that all of the varied treatment modalities could be combined to form a platform for the benefit and safe treatment of the public. Dr Clemens 7th Dan martial arts instructor had already achieved this idea in the field of martial arts training, where he had combined different styles and techniques to form an embryonic style of his own which produced some of the UK’s finest martial artists.

Osteomyology puts aside the usual tunnel vision of rigidly trained philosophies and allows the practitioner to switch seamlessly from one bodywork protocol to another even combining some methods together, this way the practitioner is never defeated as his armoury is limitless. Dr Clemens boasts that in his organisation there exists some of the greatest innovators and exponents of the healing arts. Osteomyology is not as most people are led to believe, a combination of other peoples favourite techniques, but a totally different protocol, a mingling and changing of the old, plus the new, to develop a form, up until now, undiscovered. The reason we combine modalities and reinvent, arises from our philosophy and belief in VITALISM. No one method is seen as a cure all, so this is our method of treating patients sympathetically, effectively, and above all, safely. As individual as each person is on this planet earth, so is the individuality of each and every Osteomyology Practitioner, thereby ensuring that patients are treated as individuals and not clones.

Unlike all other treatment methods, we are not locked into the “Symptom-Treatment” syndrome. Our Vitalistic Practitioners believe using the Osteomyology principle of “Treatment Reinvention” transcends all other methods, as chemical and physical methods are either failing or not the complete answer.

To quote an example of (TR) Treatment Reinvention:- If one had been taught a method/technique, and then combined this teaching with other method/techniques, and possibly still yet another, together they form a totally different concept to their origins and the way of performing these methods, becomes in itself, unique to Osteomyologists, and in view of the success rating percentage our practitioners enjoy, is endorsed by speedy patient recovery. Dr Clemens like other innovators could not have advanced his small Association to the point it is now without listening and being advised by other mentors/advisors who he states are far more knowledgeable than him and carry the same burning enthusiasm. His registrar Karen Harding is in her own right a well known soft tissue advisor and practitioner, coupled with a qualification in Cranial and sports therapy and has supported and worked ceaselessly for the Association thereby bringing it to the fore.

A large number of the Associations top practitioners are in daily contact with Dr Clemens, constantly honing, suggesting, and polishing the Protocols, methodology and Osteomyology concepts, this way the Association stays ahead and advances constantly. It has been suggested to Dr Clemens that he used the name Osteomyology to sound like osteopathy, this he denies vehemently. First, as he points out, Osteomyology was formed before the GOsC was inaugurated, and the original name had been Neurosteomyology but had been found wanting as patients couldn’t pronounce it: and he would have little to gain by trying to emulate a body of which he is a registered member. Unlike osteopathy the Association’s name signifies exactly what we do Osteo(bone) myo(muscle) ology(the study and treatment of), whereas osteopaths name signifies that they treat bone disease which is not in their mandate!

The Association is now implementing the commencement of a College of Osteomyology, which we all visualise coming to fruition in 2007

So why not put aside prejudices and old hide bound philosophies and join the most exciting group this country has ever seen

Dr. A.J.W. Clemens