How to Join & Benefits

Required Membership Entry Qualifications


Every Practitioner on joining the Association will be issued with a Diploma entitling them to use the Post Nominal letters M.A.O. or (Member of The Association of Osteomyologists), and the right to use the Associations logo’s on letter heads and business cards. These valuable diplomas are only issued to the member after his/her degree status qualifications have been verified and a current insurance certificate is supplied. Our diploma recognises degree status in your foundation disciplines and is worded accordingly thereby endorsing your registration on the official register.

In your Registration pack you will receive your Diploma and congratulatory letter, a copy of the Code of Practice and Ethics, an insurance form, if you wish to avail yourself of The Associations Bloc Scheme, a copy of the latest Newsletter, and program of the seminars/CPD’s (Continuing Programme of Development) for the current year.

The Associations’ Data Base can be used to contact member colleagues in your area, possibly for the formation of Osteomyologist groups, to exchange ideas and treatment modalities, and “The Find An Osteomyologist” on the home page enables your patients to find an Osteomyologist when moving to other areas. The Associations’ 24 hour help line is at your disposal (020 8504 1462) for any problems or just a chat.

As a member you are entitled to all the facilities of our website in which you can have articles published, keep up with the latest news and views, order Osteomyology merchandise/ car stickers – to further promote the name OSTEOMYOLOGY. All this is available to you on the Members Page. You can also find out about the latest CPD, and you will have the opportunity to advertise in Yellow Pages under our own sub-heading “Osteomyology”.

In our above mentioned “Find An Osteomyologist” you will have a page listing your speciality, your practice address and phone number, possibly a photograph of your clinic or yourself, and all the details such as times of working, whether you do home visits, disabled facilities, etc. divided into the area that you cover.

Much publicity, and many words have been written and spoken about Registering Bodies and Official Groups. We see our role with you, the member, as a buffer against what can only be described as the Official Police Force. We will give you, regardless, a professional name and title to work with. Your foundation Therapies will all be moulded into your skills as an Osteomyologist. The title we have taken to our hearts (The Ultimate Therapist) is not an idle boast, you as a member have already an excellent grounding in your own field, but as you progress with the Association, your expertise on other techniques will make your patient success rate up in the 90% + providing you are open-minded enough to attend CPD’s on the disciplines that do not follow your own main discipline, keeping in mind that eventually all Practitioners of any discipline will find that CPD’s will become mandatory by Government decree.
This is happening NOW.

We feel that all the variety of Governing Bodies have not taken into consideration the practitioner as an individual with hopes and aspirations. They have all promised Registration, and partially failed. We all recognise, the public, our Patients, are entitled to be treated by a competent Practitioner, but that Practitioner is also entitled to be held in respect and nurtured by their Governing Body. This way, every Therapist would be now on his/her Register. Of course, not being a perfect world, this has not, and will not happen. As protection for the public, all Practitioners should be on a reputable Register, this gives them, in our case, the strength, and comfort, of the Association around them, and also, the public are assured of the competence and safety of their Therapist, because he/she has the security of a body protecting both patient and practitioner as equal participants in the whole process of human rights.

You can be confident that you are not alone in wanting to follow your ideals. Why not take the opportunity to join the growing ranks of Professionals who are proud to call themselves Osteomyologists, and feel that The Associations regard for them as Practitioners is its number one concern.