About Us


(The theory that the origin and phenomena of life are dependant on a force or principle distinct from purely chemical or physical forces)

The Association was formed back in 1992 as an umbrella organisation to bring together like minded Professional Practitioners who already hold qualifications of degree status and wished to have a higher level of expertise. Both the Registrar and Chairman had, as a concept, the joining together of groups of Professionals with similar ambitions in mind, that being, the exchanging of skills and inter-relating of treatment techniques, proven to be effective, individually, in their various practices.

In the beginning, this proved to be extremely difficult. We all know that Colleges, Institutions, and Medical Practitioners, are brain washed from the very outset into believing that their discipline is the only way to go. After many years of clinical experience, we have all found that this is totally untrue. We find, ourselves, including in our treatment plan a small amount of nutritional advice, Massage, Aromatherapy, possibly some Acupuncture, maybe a little Shiatsu, advice on breathing, NLP, realignment of posture – using the Alexander Method, some Homeopathy, Harmonics, Osteopathy, Chiropractics, Kinesiology, Physiotherapy, Cranial, Bio-Cranial, Bowen, in fact the list is endless.

We realised the amount of Practitioners working along these lines, after attending many seminars and CPD’s to gain added expertise in our own particular field. We then came to the conclusion that a large number of Practitioners would be interested, as we are, in studying and becoming competent with the techniques and arts of other therapies.

From that moment on, we realised that all we had to do was to convince other likeminded professionals of the merit and satisfaction in other ways of working.

When one holds a certain belief and conviction, based on common sense and patient success, this shows in enthusiasm and excitement and can be passed on easily to other enthusiasts. This has been the flag that we have been flying since 1993.

Our name, “OSTEOMYOLOGIST”, describes exactlywhat we do. We are students of nerve, bone, and muscles, using any discipline available to us, to bring relief and healing to our patients.


The Association’s logo depicts different Practitioners starting from various directions and meeting together with one ideal in mind – The interchanging of treatment methods to create the Ultimate Therapist working legally under one Association.

Due to our philosophy having expanded and broadened, we have decided to adopt the first “unencumbered” logo. We feel that the original black surround restricts and encloses us, and with our new momentum and pace we wish to be free to express our difference.


The second Association Logo is a Certification Mark/Trade Mark and is only for the use of Registered Members.

Both marks can be freely used on business headings, professional cards, and in any way conducive to the Practitioners advertising or practice promotion.