Osteomyology Technique Manual

The Association has, for quite some time (some of you may remember it goes back to 2002), been compiling a manual of Osteomyology Techniques. These techniques are strictly Osteomyology proving that we are a discipline in our own right. The manual will be coming out in the new year and will be incorporated with next years renewals.

Find An Osteomyologist

As you can see, we have a reference on the front page to “Find Your Nearest Osteomyologist”. This will be for anyone who wishes to find a Practitioner in a particular area via their postcode. What we require from you is possibly a photo of yourself/clinic, phone numbers, address, e-mail, fax, whether you have disabled access, your times of surgery, your particular expertise, whether or not you do home visits etc. You must remember that this will be your link to the public (your patients) and therefore, should contain anything and everything to sell your services. Start sending NOW


We must emphasise that you should NOT now use the words Osteopath or Chiropractor in any of your clinic or personal literature, advertising, business cards, etc. especially on cheque books. If you have the word Osteopath or Chiropractor and your name on the cheque face, this is breaking the law, plus banking regulations as well. Please attend to these matters, and make sure that everybody knows that you are a fully Registered Osteomyologist. Within the next few weeks Osteomyology is going to receive heavy publicity due to the internet and other sources (still top secret). It follows that you will be now representing yourself as an Osteomyologist, as this will be the flavour of the year.

Latest News

In view of the Governmental climate and demand for professional groups to attain one standard, we as an Association have decided to opt for VSR (Voluntary Self Regulation). We shall be keeping you, the members, informed of our progress as we reach each milestone.